And he who was seated on the throne said, “Behold, I am making all things new.”  Rev 21:5

When Jesus came to earth he began the work his Father had given him, which was to make all things new.  My aim here is to reflect on the new life that Jesus has given his church – a newness that infiltrates a world warped by sin.  Real, powerful newness in the midst of real, dangerous sin.

What does new life in Christ actually look like?  Sometimes it’s quiet, subtle, and hidden, experienced in the daily humdrum of everyday life.  Other times it’s bold and dramatic, pushing a Christian to take risks and go to the hard places for Christ.  I’d like to explore both and everything in between.

A bit about me

PulpitMy name is Godwin Sathianathan.  I’m a Christian, husband, father, and pastor.  My early years were spent in the great state of Michigan, lived near Boston for 5+ years, and currently reside with my family in Cincinnati, OH.  I’m grateful for time spent at the University of Michigan (B.S.E.), Grand Rapids Theological Seminary (M.Div), and more recently Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary (Th.M).  But what do degrees actually tell you about someone?  Let’s get to the good stuff…

I thoroughly enjoy nerdy board games, deep cups of black coffee, collecting & losing sunglasses, University of Michigan sports, the Abbey’s Coach Potato Burger, all things Star Wars, and dancing with my kids to Christian pop music.  Feel free to judge me.  I abhor Dr. Pepper, anything with mushrooms, Ohio State University, tourist shops, and sanctimonious musings.  I also like writing, reading, and conversations around biblical studies and the Christian life.  And I love unhurried time with my wife Jeni, children Emma, Sam & Josh, and Alaskan Malamute Bella – doing just about anything.  But especially laughing.